With the release of the 2018 annual report, the business plan of the supermarket listed company in 2019 was officially announced. We have sorted out the business plans of 14 supermarket listed companies in 2019. In the new year, where will they focus their efforts?

1 Gaoxin Retail: Becoming a leader in the digital transformation of China's new retail sector

2018 is the year of opening up the digitalization of retail, and it is also a year of planning for future development. In the future, innovation and change will become the key to the industry. Through digital management, the supply and demand are closely combined to provide customers with the right products, good prices, and constantly enrich the customer's shopping experience. The Group is striving to create new retail and become a leader in the digital transformation of China's new retail sector.

2 Yonghui Supermarket: 150 new stores to explore the new business “Mini store”

1. Opening the store plan: 150 new stores will be opened to explore the new business “Mini store”;

2. The national and provincial supply chains are complementary, and the regional self-extraction authority is decentralized (covering one village, one township and one county); expanding overseas direct mining, creating own brand and quality customized products, focusing on core projects and single products; establishing suppliers Grading management system to strengthen and improve the introduction and exit evaluation mechanism of suppliers;

3. Integrate the original system, process, sharing and evaluation mechanism of the original first and second clusters, form a unified systemized, standardized, and streamlined human resources system, combine the development of new formats such as Mini stores, integrate human resources, and make good mechanisms in advance. Construction and personnel demand reserve, focusing on the training of talent reserve in the new provinces and new districts;

4. Set up the Ministry of Science and Technology, refactoring to the store system, new home-to-home system, and unified office portal entry.

3 Step by step: speed up the pace of opening a store, layout new business
The development strategy in 2019 is the basic point: speed up the pace of opening stores, gain market share and increase brand awareness; upgrade the original industry stores, layout new formats, create more rich consumer scenes and more comfortable consumer experience for consumers; The pace of regional development and competitiveness;

Encourage physical retail, continue to promote the integration of online and offline, and develop deeper and broader cooperation with Tencent and JD. Continue to focus on “increment in stocks”, supply chain integration, and traffic realization. Release the company's development momentum;

Combine Tencent's big data acquisition and analysis capabilities, carry out member digitization, product digitization, scene digitization, etc., and jointly create an ecological closed loop;
Take advantage of Jingdong's perfect supply chain system, optimize procurement and warehouse allocation, and use its online platform to further expand online business.

In 2019, the “tax reduction and fee reduction” policy will be implemented soon, reducing the burden on enterprises, gradually relaxing financial policies, broadening corporate financing channels and reducing corporate financing costs. The implementation of a series of stable economic policies will usher in the opportunity for the company to develop rapidly.

The business plan for 2019 is: The main business income will maintain a steady growth trend, and the net profit will vary from 0% to 30%.

4 Lianhua Supermarket: 308 new stores opened, focusing on new business
In 2019, it plans to open 308 new stores, including 8 new large-scale supermarkets, 200 new supermarkets and 100 new convenience stores.

In terms of format and terminal model stereotypes and expansion, the large-scale integrated supermarket format promotes 3.0 version of the Whole Food Market Iteration 3.0 in Shanghai by strengthening the fresh food business, optimizing community service functions, upgrading key categories, enriching customer shopping experience, and strengthening the digital construction of stores. Version of the high-end store stereotypes, in the Zhejiang region to promote the neighborhood shopping mall pilot and 1.0 version of the stereotypes and composite store version 2.0 stereotypes.

The supermarket format mainly promotes the further stereotypes and iterations of the three types of stores, namely, community fresh, community convenience and selected supermarkets. At the same time, it will focus on the innovation of the “excellent retail + food and beverage multi-experience” new business as a key project.

Reinvent the franchise system, develop close franchise, deepen the new franchise model; further refine and deepen the regional development plan, clarify the main business style of each company, accelerate the promotion of regional strategic cooperation, actively promote the expansion of small and medium-sized business; accelerate the omnichannel Regional expansion, strengthen operation quality, create high-quality and excellent products, innovate marketing model, sort out on-line items, break through the bottleneck of fresh operation, comprehensively plan the commodity structure and profit model under the B2C model, and accelerate the improvement of omni-channel sales.

In terms of category planning and supply chain building, we will promote the implementation of category management and key category structure adjustment strategies. Based on LEGS (Lead, Exit, Grow and Sustain) category management model analysis, we will adopt a targeted strategy for each category. For the advantages and trends category, the TBFF (To Be Famous For) category is created in all dimensions to create differentiated and strong competition categories.

Promote the sustainable growth of fresh foods, strengthen the construction of bases and control the direct source of raw materials, create the quality of fresh products; promote the construction of fresh food factories and bread factories, focus on their own goods and their sales, cultivate differentiated specialty categories, and create core products Competitiveness; Expanding overseas resources, gradually promoting overseas direct mining, and creating the image of Mr. Ling’s fresh products.

In the development of private label, based on the brand development strategy focus, combing the existing brand, focusing on the core brand, it is clear that Lianhua Supermarket does not come from the brand structure, forming Lianhua's own brand strategy system; combing the category and enhancing its own brand in the people's livelihood The proportion of goods, speed up the reproduction of the excellent life museum (version 3.0), create superior categories, and build a sound supply chain.

5 CP Lotus: launch a new store brand and explore new models in the store
In 2019, the goal of opening stores in various formats will be more abundant, and new brand brands that focus on food products will be launched, as well as new models for opening professional fields in the store.

In terms of products, we will further utilize existing resources, focus on core categories, and create differentiated, high-quality commodity structures around young customers. In conjunction with it, artificial intelligence technology is used to further improve data and automation, streamline processes and improve operational efficiency. Improve the logistics distribution capability of the supply chain and support the continuous development of various formats. At the same time, it pays more attention to the sustainable and healthy development of the Group and implements the core group value of the benefit-ministering and profit-making enterprises.

6 Zhongbai Group: 215 new stores opened to explore pure fresh and big stores
Development goal of outlets: 215 new commercial outlets, including 15 supermarkets above 2000m2, 50 supermarkets in Zhongbai, 30 in Zhongbaihaobang, and 120 convenience stores.
1. Promote high-quality development, accelerate the upgrading of old stores, and consolidate the leading position in the regional market.
2. Speed up new retail business, strengthen network marketing, and significantly increase the proportion of online sales.
3. Continue to promote supply chain optimization, increase the proportion of direct mining and private brand sales, and comprehensively improve operational capabilities.
4. Increase operational process optimization and reform, build an efficient operation system, and continuously improve the refined management capabilities.
5. Improve the enterprise personnel training mechanism, strengthen the corporate culture construction, and enhance the operational vitality.

7 Renren: 20 new stores, with a profit of 65 million

1. Plan to open 20 stores, including Le supermarket, Le life, Le fresh and other new stores;
2. Realized sales of 840 million yuan and profit of 65 million.
8 Sanjiang Shopping: 40 new stores opened to build a multi-level multi-warehouse logistics platform
Shop Opening Plan: Formulate the layout plan of Ningbo's large urban outlets, and realize 100% of the data location selection capacity through data selection. The whole company strives to reach 40 new stores.

Commodity work: speed up the rapid introduction of seasonal goods; implement source procurement, strengthen base products, accurately select best-selling products, quickly eliminate slow-moving products; improve product quality, ensure product safety; improve the competitiveness of the company's processed goods; Ensure the implementation of the work of the goods, accurately select the essential goods of the store to meet the needs of customers.
Data-driven refined management: vigorously promote data-driven working methods, application systems, technology, and tools to improve the operational efficiency of goods, services, and personnel as important content, further reduce costs, and constantly reverse the extensive management methods.
Promote the transformation of the distribution center warehouse: use non-public funds to raise funds, speed up the storage logistics base upgrade project, build a multi-level and multi-warehouse logistics platform, and strive to meet the new retail community fresh supermarket, efficient operation, data, and automation Regional large logistics center.

9 Liqun shares: expand the scale of retail chain development and enhance the profitability of various formats
The target for 2019 is expected to be: operating income of 12.5 billion yuan, total profit of 460 million yuan, and net profit of 260 million yuan. Continue to expand the scale of retail chain development, and achieve both scale and efficiency growth. Improve the efficiency of the use of raised funds and accelerate the construction of fundraising projects. Change the management development ideas and comprehensively improve the profitability of various formats. Continue to deepen integration and optimize supply chain resources, and strengthen the construction of its own brands and category collection stores. Expand online scale and focus on promoting online and offline integration.

10 Jiayue: Open 100 new stores to create an open platform
Plan to open a store: continue to adhere to the network strategy of regional intensive, urban-rural integration, and multi-business. The expansion of the province and the expansion of the province will be promoted simultaneously, speeding up the site selection, expanding the coverage of the province, and increasing the market share outside the province. In 2019, it plans to open 100 new stores.

Business grading and upgrading: According to the principle of hypermarket leading and comprehensive supermarket supplement, we will do a good job in grading and precise positioning, enhance the competitiveness of hypermarkets, the ability of community comprehensive service residents to facilitate life and the comprehensive service capacity of rural comprehensive super An integrated network with three-dimensional layout and complementary functions. At the same time, the store's upgrade and transformation will be accelerated. According to the customer base and consumer demand, the store will be accurately positioned from the store design and product configuration to enhance the service function and customer experience and enhance the profitability of the store.

Innovative development: Grasping the introduction and upgrading of information systems, launching the implementation of SAP system projects, improving the standardization of business processes, and improving operational efficiency; achieving breakthroughs in omni-channel marketing and promoting online and offline integration, both must be done Shop services, but also to do a good job at home, through the establishment of a team or cooperation with the platform, to carry out home business, to create an all-channel model of online and offline integration. It is necessary to integrate resources and develop external cooperation and supply chain export services through the brand + supply chain + technology + capital model to create an open platform.